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Please fill out the following form if you would like to nominate yourself for SDSA board or the TA committee. You can register for both. Below you can find more information about these positions.

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Learn More About The TA Training Committee

The TA Training Committee is comprised of several faculty and staff members of the statistics department, in addition to one student representative. This committee helps develop policies and programs that are designed to best guide and support TAs in our department. TAs serve a critical role in our department, and this committee aims to recognize that role, improve the experience that TAs have in their assignments, and to leverage these experiences intentionally to contribute toward our students’ future plans. The student representative serves a valuable role in offering a student’s perspective and facilitating communication between department leaders and department TAs. The student representative should be graduate student in at least their second year of study who (in the semester of election) is assigned to a teaching assistantship in the statistics department.

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